Giffy Duminy outdid himself with a mural that he painted at WESSA Treasure Beach education centre on Treasure Beach in Durban. Picture supplied.

Durban - Local artist Giffy Duminy has outdone himself once again when he painted a three storey tall artwork at the WESSA Treasure Beach education centre on the Bluff. 

Duminy said the artwork was inspired by his favourite beach in KwaZulu-Natal, Treasure beach. 

"I am often in the water at Treasure Beach, usually surfing and on several occasions have seen turtles popping their golden eyes out of the water to check us out. It is a truly magical experience to share their home with them, even for just a brief moment. We don't see these majestic creatures in their home habitat very often, if ever, so I wanted to bring attention to this wonderful reptile," Duminy said. 

In the past few months, several sea turtles have washed up dead on our beaches. Duminy is aware that plastic pollution in the ocean is a huge threat to Sea Turtles in particular because they often mistake plastic for a food source, such as plastic packets waving in the water like jellyfish. 

"Plastic blocks sea life digestion systems and slowly kills them. I illustrated a packet, disguised amongst jellyfish to show this visual connection,"Duminy said. 

He did get some help from Daniel Nel who painted the bottom of the mural which was inspired by the beautiful and biodiverse reef that is among the most amazing features of Treasure beach. 

 "Thanks so much to Nel for his helping hands on this painting," Duminy said. 

He said Treasure Beach was not regarded as a main beach so it gets overlooked by authorities. Often the litter situation on this beach can be heartbreaking. 

"Thanks to Wessa and their amazing team they are putting a lot of effort into bringing light to this area and resolving the issues that occur there. This organisation does amazing work by educating children about our marvellous ocean and also hosts amazing beach cleanups that really makes a big difference to the life that lives there," Duminy said.

Duminy thanked Balwin Foundation, Goscor Access Rentals and Wessa Treasure Beach for making this amazing project possible. 

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