Durban Metro police at the King Cetshwayo Highway formerly Jan Smuts and the Vusi Mzimela (Bellair) Road intersection. Picture supplied

Durban - Service delivery protests reared its ugly head again in Cato Manor on Wednesday. 

A group of protestors blocked the intersection of King Cetshwayo (Jan Smuts) Highway and Vusi Mzimela (Bellair) Road with tyres demanding that a sewer pipe be repaired.  

Police at the scene said the protestors had not handed in any grievances notice to city officials during the protest but had been complaining to the councillor regarding a blocked sewer pipe. 

This impacted on the traffic and motorists using this route had to seek alternative ways of getting to work causing congestion in suburbs like Bonela and Glenwood. 

The road was reopened by police once the protestors had dispersed. 

A senior policeman, who could not be named, said they were fed up with the ongoing protests and called in the Department of Human Settlements to build houses on vacant land and open spaces in Cato Manor. 

This issue was discussed at a war room meeting where the roleplayers in the area come together to discuss problems.

Cato Manor police said they did not have the resources to deal with protests and relied heavily on the Durban Metro Public Order Policing Units to assist them. 

The protests also hampered their patrol duties because the roads were left in a terrible condition. 

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