Ray Nkonyeni Municipality continues operating without a mayor, deputy mayor; council fails to meet again

Ray Nkonyeni Municipality

Ray Nkonyeni Municipality

Published Dec 23, 2021


DURBAN - Inkatha Freedom Party in Ray Nkonyeni Municipality in Port Shepstone said it was disappointed that residents would go into Christmas and New Year’s Eve without a mayor and deputy having been chosen, this after the council failed to meet again.

The council meeting to elect mayor and deputy was scheduled for Wednesday but was cancelled after all 37 ANC councillors did not pitch except speaker Zodwa Mzindle whom the IFP said had come and postponed the meeting, saying she did not know where ANC councillors were.

IFP regional leader, Sifundo Ngwane, who was said to be contesting the mayor’s position, said as the opposition they were disappointed that all 37 councillors failed to attend except the speaker.

Ngwane said the opposition had agreed that he should contest the mayor’s position and would support him, adding that the deputy position would have been contested by a DA councillor. He added all opposition councillors were present except one who apologised, adding the opposition combined were 34 against ANC’s 37 seats.

“We were disappointed that we still do not have a mayor here. If there is no mayor, to us, there is no institution. For a municipality to be called an institution, there must be a political head which is not the case here,” said Ngwane.

ANC regional task team convener Phumlile Mthiyane said that the council meeting had to be postponed again because they did not reach the quorum since some councillors did not come.

Mthiyane, whose position is equivalent to chairperson of the region, said consultation between party branches and other stakeholders on who should be appointed as mayor would continue next year, adding that her task team met the branches on Monday, but no agreement was reached.

She said in the next meeting, a representatives from the party’s provincial top five would come and listen to branches.

A branch secretary, who asked not to be named, said there were a lot of questions ANC leaders would have to answer to before a mayor was elected. The secretary said they were not against the individual who was recommended but were questioning the process to appoint him, adding that they have received information that other candidates who were called for an interview were given questions prior.

The municipality has been the only one with no political leadership in the lower south coast because ANC councillors did not agree over the mayoral position.

Some councillors and branches want Sikhumbuzo “Zero” Mqadi, while another group want Sibusiso Shange, who was chosen by the party’s national executive committee, which recommended him.

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