Reservoir Hills shack dwellers cause chaos,block roads demanding houses

By ZAINUL DAWOOD Time of article published Apr 26, 2019

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Durban - Angry shack dwellers demanding houses blocked roads and stoned passing motor vehicles in Reservoir Hills since 2 am this morning. 

Sagar Singh, a PR councillor for Reservoir Hills said residents had to use alternative routes where possible to get to work. 
The most affected areas were Shannon Drive, Mount Batten between Shannon and Battersea, Elwak PLace and Juba Place. 

Ray Jeawon, Reservoir Hills Community Policing sector spokesperson, said the residents are in a state of panic and the disruptive demonstration has shut down schools and prevented people from getting to work. 

Jeawon said that people living in the Shannon Drive informal settlement went on a rampage because they felt left out when aid was given to flood victims. 
"A tent was set up to house people from the Quarry Road informal settlement affected by the floods. Residents have been donating food and clothing to them in the interim. People from Shannon Drive felt their concerns were not being addressed," Jeawon said. 

Public Order Policing units are in the area. Jeawon said volunteers had been up since 4 am assisting police to direct traffic. 

"They have littered the road with rocks and debris. The situation is volatile. They damaged infrastructure like water metres and pulled down trees. They lit items on fire and placed them on the roads. Police have tried to clean the roads as much as they could," Jeawon said. 

A resident who wished to remain anonymous said 401 people were displaced in the floods and it was the Reservoir Hills residents who mobilised and brought them food, clothing and basic essentials. The resident said he was disappointed because the very same helpers are being held hostage in their own suburb. 

Reservoir Hills ward councillor Xolani Nala said he was addressing the disgruntled shack dwellers. 

Sydenham police were also monitoring the area.

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