Durban-  Traffic on the N3 Toll Route between Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal is expected to increase sharply from Thursday. 

High traffic volumes are expected to continue through Friday.  Thereafter, the busy conditions will taper down until Easter Monday when peak traffic conditions are expected throughout the day as holidaymakers return from their long weekend breaks.

"With between 2500 and 3500 vehicles per hour expected to be on the N3 Toll Route at peak times the risks and demands on drivers increase exponentially," said N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) spokesperson Con Roux. 

 Easter Monday is always one of the busiest traffic days on the N3 Toll Route. Road users are encouraged to carefully plan their trips and to be prepared for possible congestion and delays.

“Plan your trips in order to travel outside of peak times. Do not leave your departure for your destination until too late in the day. All N3TC toll plazas will be operating at maximum capacity. If congestion occurs, the Roads Traffic Inspectorate may have to manage traffic flow at toll plazas to ensure road users’ safety,"Roux said. 

Traffic forecast for 18 – 22 April 2019 The grid below provides an overview of expected traffic volumes and peak conditions on the N3 Toll Route in a southbound (SB) direction (towards KwaZulu-Natal); and a northbound (NB) direction (towards Gauteng). GREEN: Light to a slight increase in volumes < 800 vehicles per hour (vph) in a particular peak direction. YELLOW: Busy traffic conditions with 800 – 1500 vehicles per hour (vph) in a particular peak direction. RED: Heavy (high) traffic volumes (with slow-moving conditions) > 1500 vehicles per hour (vph) in a particular direction.

No road works at peak times

Although N3TC is currently busy with road construction projects along Van Reenen’s Pass and between Cedara and Mooi River, no road works (except for essential remedial work, if absolutely necessary) will take place during the Easter long weekend and all lane restrictions will be lifted. 

The concessionaire’s road rehabilitation projects will commence immediately after the Easter holiday.

Arm yourself with information

Being informed of road and travel conditions helps you to make safe choices prior to and during your journey. Unforeseen incidents, changing weather patterns and emergency situations can all impact on traffic conditions.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news updates from N3 Toll Route and get verified traffic information by contacting the 24-hour N3TC Helpline on 0800 63 4357. Essential information is also shared on an on-going basis from N3TC’s Twitter platform: @N3Route.

Report any problems or obtain emergency assistance by contacting the N3TC Helpline. 

The nearest N3TC Route Patrol team will be dispatched to help ensure your safety. These highly trained teams are geared to provide help at crash scenes and with vehicle breakdowns. 

They also provide basic emergency medical care, assist with fire-fighting, remove hazardous objects from the road and provide regular route patrols to ensure conditions along the N3 Toll Route remain as safe as possible.

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