The SABC has mooted plans for people to buy licenses for their mobile devices and computers
DURBAN - Other than new Finance Minster Malusi Gigaba facing a tough time in Parliament, there was also other shocking developments that came to light.

James Aguma, SABC CEO, stunned all who were listening by telling parliament  on Wednesday that the SABC wants the Broadcasting Act changed to include more viewing devices - such as computers, cellphones and tablets for example.

The SABC’s new interim board, along with Aguma and other executives appeared in parliament to inform members about the latest situation at the public broadcaster and its revised plan to to move forward.

The SABC is budgeting for lower revenue from SABC TV licences this year according to Aguma and wants to see changes made to the Broadcasting Act ensuring that it becomes mandatory for people to pay a TV licence for the various devices they watch content on.

The TV licence fee that people are required to pay  is for a device that can receive a TV signal. 

With a growing number of South Africans watching content on a plethora of diverse devices, and with video-on-demand (VOD), digital broadcasting and video content that is channeled through other devices growing, it means the SABC is facing more competition than ever. 

Aguma believes that if the Broadcasting Act is changed, this would only mean better things for the SABC as it help the struggling corporation increase the potential income that the SABC  could collect.

Of course members of the public weren't thrilled by this, and shared their views on social media:

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