Dogs were found hanging in Botha's Hill. Picture: Independent Media
DURBAN - A Botha’s Hill couple who care for rescued dogs, are living in fear after finding two dogs hanging from a tree near their driveway early on Wednesday.

Neil Munro, a resident of KwaNyuswa on the outskirts of Botha’s Hill, said the dogs were found hanging off a tree branch while a third was found dead at the entrance to a cemetery, off Zulu Reserve Road.

“My girlfriend stumbled upon them while driving the children to school. She is traumatised.

“The dogs were ice cold and rigid. They could have been killed overnight and hung up on the tree. I think they were strangled because there were no wounds or visible injuries,” Munro said.

He cares for rescued dogs on the property he manages nearby.

He has 11 dogs and finds it strange that the dogs were hung near his home.

Munro fears that the killers could be sending a message that his dogs could be next.

“It is quite strange for them to hang them in the open. We are not sure what to think of it. I am concerned.

"Why did they not conceal them in the bushes out of view?” he questioned.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA were conducting post-mortems on the dogs, said spokesperson Lisa Morck.

“The people responsible for this tragic incident had fled. The owners of the dogs have not been located. The bodies were brought back to the SPCA,” she said.

Morck said they were unable to prosecute or open a case unless they had credible information and statements from witnesses.

The SPCA had a zero tolerance for animal cruelty, and incidents like these were taken very seriously, she said.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA are appealing to anyone with information to contact them at 0317641212/3 or [email protected]

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