An eMdloti man captured a video of a pod of dolphins riding the waves with a group of surfers recently. Picture: screen grab

DURBAN - A Kwazulu-Natal man has captured a video of a pod of dolphins riding the waves of an eMdloti beach, north of Durban with a group of surfers. 
Richard Melvill whose video has been viewed more over 11 000 times on his Facebook page since he first shared it said he just happened to be at the right place at the right time.
Melvill, of eMdloti said he had gone to the beach on Saturday with his drone and stumbled upon the surfers riding the waves with the dolphins.

It was an image he just had to capture.

He said he regularly films the beach area but had never come across the sight of dolphins and surfers together.
He said the response to his video had been phenomenal. 

Video: Richard Melvill

The beaches along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline are abuzz as fishermen and ordinary people are keeping a watch for the Sardine Run which is under way.

Several thousand of the tiny fish have been netted off beaches near Durban in recent days.

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