Bullet holes pockmark the back of a Polo. A man was shot and wounded in Wentworth, south of Durban on Wednesday.
Durban -  A  Wentworth man who survived a hit on his life a week ago was shot and wounded in an ongoing drug war in the south Durban suburb.

Last week the Daily News reported on a shooting incident where a lone gunman, police described as an enforcer, shot at the vehicle of a known drug dealer on Austerville Drive. 

The bullets struck the car several times. The man who is known to the Daily News but cannot be named, survived unscathed. 

However on Wednesday he was not so lucky. 

Lieutenant Colonel Thulani Zwane, a police spokesperson, said a 35-year-old victim was shot and wounded while he was seated in a vehicle with his friend.
"Occupants of another vehicle opened fire towards them. The victim was shot and sustained wounds on his body. He was rushed to hospital for treatment,"Zwane said. 

 A case of attempted murder was opened at Wentworth police station. 

Several bullet holes can be seen on the panels at the back of the Polo including one on the windscreen. The glass on the passenger window also shattered. 

Last week he had been transporting his 17-year-old sister to school when the enforcer drove up behind him and began shooting at his car.

Wentworth police have dispelled rumours of a gang war in the suburb stating that the shooting was the work of a lone “enforcer” employed by a drug dealer on Woodville Road, who was trying to muscle out another dealer doing business in the same road.

In retaliation shootings recently, Michael Bruce, Brendon Lolly Davids and Shane Majority were shot dead in the vicinity of Woodville Road. 

Daily News