Zulu royal family feud escalates as Prince Africa hurls f**k you expletive at Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Prince Africa Zulu and Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi before they fell out. Picture: Supplied.

Prince Africa Zulu and Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi before they fell out. Picture: Supplied.

Published May 12, 2022


Durban - The low intensity and behind-the-scenes feud between King Misuzulu’s loyalists within the Zulu royal family court is escalating, with recently fired Prince Africa Zulu allegedly hurling a “f**k u” expletive at Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

Apparently, the prince was texting Buthelezi alerting him about Prince Thulani Zulu blocking him from attending some meeting. He alleged that the instruction was coming from Buthelezi and signed off by firing the expletive which was screen-grabbed and is being circulated among royals.

This adds another dimension to the growing feud among those who supported the king while he was fighting to ascend to the throne against his half-brother, Prince Simakade, the first-born son of the late King Goodwill Zwelithini.

The feud among the loyalists started early this year when Prince Africa ordained himself as the spokesperson of King Misuzulu KaZwelithini, nearly elbowing out Prince Thulani Zulu of Ezibindini Royal House who has been doing this work for the longest time.

Prince Africa Zulu from the Onkweni Royal House (Duke equivalent) was on Wednesday fired following weeks-long bust-ups with Buthelezi, the traditional prime minister of the monarch and Zulu nation.

Also fired by the king’s decree is Prince Gibizizwe Zulu. The two princes have been at loggerheads with Buthelezi and other members of the coronation committee which is preparing for the coronation of King Misuzulu on a date yet to be announced.

A few weeks ago, Prince Africa, during a meeting of the committee, was allegedly asked who appointed him as the spokesperson of the king as the position is held by Prince Thulani.

He, together with Prince Gibibizwe, staged a walkout infuriating the members of the committee who felt disrespected.

From there there were public spats over the issue until King Misuzulu explained that Prince Gibizizwe once privately lobbied him to appoint Prince Africa to the position and he did not do so, hence he could not claim he was appointed.

Late on Wednesday, Buthelezi issued a statement on behalf of the new king where it was announced that the two had been fired.

“I request Your Highness to clarify it to the media, both print and electronic as well as social media. It is my wish that Prince Gibizizwe and Prince Afrika should cease to be members of the Royal Coronation Committee forthwith,” reads the letter of a decree from the king.

On the firing, Prince Africa said he still stood by his assertion that Buthelezi was in charge of everything in the royal family and King Misuzulu would remain powerless until he had been coronated.

“I said before in my letter to the prime minister that we were being ruled by Prince MG Buthelezi and his, son Prince Maphikelela. I stand by my letter to the Prime Minister of King Nyangayezizwe, Prince MG Buthelezi, it is clear that currently, the king holds no power until he is coronated.

“Our people are not kids I think everything is now in the open. Prince Buthelezi bullies as he pleases in the name of old age. Our people should not despair, change is coming. We will finally see an end to Prince Buthelezi’s reign,” he told the Daily News.

On the expletive, he allegedly sent to Buthelezi, he claimed that it was meant to say thank you instead of “f**ck you”.

“It was (a) typo meaning thank u, I did rectify (it),” he said.

Buthelezi’s spokesperson, Liezl Van der Merwe, said they had nothing to say more than what they said in a statement issued late on Wednesday where they were bemoaning the behaviour of Prince Africa.