KZN Class of 2023 pleased with outcome of exams

Kenisha Naicker from Westville Girls’ High School obtained seven distinctions in her learning areas. Image: Supplied.

Kenisha Naicker from Westville Girls’ High School obtained seven distinctions in her learning areas. Image: Supplied.

Published Jan 19, 2024


Durban — Pride and joy were the general feelings among the top achievers from the class of 2023 in KwaZulu-Natal as they reaped the fruits of their hard labour.

Following an intricate marking process which comprised 6 926 markers, 1 381 senior markers, 277 deputy chief markers, 67 chief markers and 87 moderators which commenced on December 9, 2023, and concluded on December 20, pupils from various schools in the province have expressed their happiness at successfully completing their high school studies.

Kenisha Naicker,18, from Westville Girls’ High School who obtained seven distinctions, said she was overwhelmed with joy at the outcome of her final exams.

She said that while the exams presented their own challenges, she found solace in optimism and hard work.

Kenisha shared words of encouragement to those who were unsuccessful in the class of 2023.

“Even if your results did not turn out like you had expected, that is not the end of the road for you. At the end of the day, they are just exam results and can be redone,” she said.

Kenisha said that she planned to study actuarial science at UCT and awaited their response.

Nothemba Gumede from Menzi High School obtained seven distinctions in her learning areas. Image: Supplied.

Meanwhile, Nothemba Gumede,18, from Menzi High School in uMlazi, who also received seven distinctions, said that she was very happy with the results. Nothemba shared advice with the class of 2024.

“I would advise them to start studying as soon as possible. It might appear as though there is still plenty of time, but in reality, the academic year is very short. They must also remember to have as much fun as possible,” she said.

This year, Gumede plans to pursue a qualification in Bcom Accounting at UCT.

Siphesihle Mahluza from Velabahleke High School in Umlazi obtained seven distinctions. Image: Supplied.

Siphesihle Mahluza, 17, from Velabahleke High School in uMlazi, who obtained seven distinctions said she was ecstatic.

“I was often tired because there was plenty of pressure. I would sometimes fall asleep during the exam, but I am thrilled that I did manage to pass and I passed very well,” she said.

She said that while a final decision was yet to be reached regarding what she would be doing this year, she planned to study either Bcom Accounting or actuarial sciences as she had a knack for numbers.

Lesharn Govender from Northwood High School obtained seven distinctions in his subjects. Image: Supplied.

Lesharn Govender, 17, from Northwood School in Durban North, was pleased with his performance.

He said his key to achieving good grades was consistent studying.

He said that he planned to study Medicine at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Shreya Ramtahal from Eden College got seven distinctions. Picture: Supplied

Shreya Ramtahal, 18, from Eden College, said she was surprised to get a call informing her that she did well in her examinations.

“Preparing for the exams and applying a lot of hard work was such a challenge but I am happy to have been able to reap what I sow,” said the excited pupil, who also thanked her study partner for walking with her throughout the journey of examinations.

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