A Facebook account in the name of Jimmy Mzwanele Manyi is being investigated by law enforcement authorities after the government’s chief spokesman said it wasn’t his.

The profile has more than 1 000 “friends”, including government officials such as Justice Ministry spokesman, Tlali Tlali, and trade unionists such as Castro Ngobese.

The Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) issued a statement on Monday warning Facebook users of the imposter.

The real Jimmy Manyi, the chief executive of GCIS, said he had never operated on the social networking site.

“I am not active on Facebook and all the communication taking place in my name on Facebook is misleading,” he said.

“It is shocking and outrageous to find myself confronted with these devious and illegal acts.”

GCIS spokeswoman Neo Momudu said there was concern about the fake profile as Manyi occupied a position that involved communicating important information on behalf of the cabinet.

She urged the impersonator to stop engaging the public in Manyi’s name.

The fake profile was brought to Manyi’s attention when an associate called him to continue “the conversation he was supposedly having online”.

“It is a concern. At this stage we don’t know who is behind the profile. (But) we are going to investigate and (will) try to get to the bottom of this. It will then be up to the authorities,” Momudu said.

The link to the profile is (http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100002164415117&sk=friends).