A missing poster of Miguel Louw at the Rippon Primary School in Sydenham. Picture: Leon Lestrade. African News Agency (ANA )

Durban - The family of Miguel Louw were going to the Phoenix mortuary today to identify the decomposed body of a boy that was found in a bush in Phoenix on Monday.  

Some family members are refusing to believe that the body found in Longbury Drive if the body of Miguel, relatives of the family told the Daily News. In the meantime, the Louw family have requested to be given privacy while DNA tests are being carried out on the body found and them. 

Colonel Thembeka Mbele, a KwaZulu-Natal spokesperson, said the post-mortem of the body found will be conducted at the Phoenix Mortuary on Wednesday.

The boy's emotional aunt spoke to the Daily News on condition of anonymity. The family were expected to visit the Phoenix police station and the Phoenix mortuary to identify a decomposed body found in Longbury Drive. 

Miguel went missing on July 17 from the Sydenham area. Mohammed Ebrahim, who is suspected of abducting him, was granted bail of R2500 in the Durban Magistrates Court last week.

 Ebrahim did not pay bail and was still in the awaiting trial of Westville Correctional Services. A body was found buried in a park in Longbury Drive‚ Phoenix. 

The aunt said the search, posters and pamphlets should have been focused on the Phoenix area first because from the onset she had a strong feeling he was taken to Ebrahim's home in Phoenix and a short distance away from where it was found. 

There was a sombre mood at Rippon Primary School on Tuesday where Louw attended.  The school convened a special assembly to inform the pupils that until there was confirmation from Louws family to them he was still alive. The school has also not removed the posters from the corridors, of Louw, which read missing and help us find Miguel. 

Dawn Gounden, of KTT Forensic investigation one of the search parties involved, said Miguel had won the hearts of many people. 

"The tragedy of life is when we connect with someone for such a reason. With DNA evidence giving verification of the deceased,  and forensic pathology bringing evidence, one can assertion the true cause of death and the approximate timing, after which Miguel will finally get to rest," she said. 

 "I think that the public should now give the family time to grieve and allow Police to follow procedure. The issue of human trafficking and protecting our children is a serious concern and something not to be taken lightly," she added.

As parents, Gounden said, our responsibility to our children is a serious task. She felt that it was sad that parents are left to pick up the pieces and grieve in pain and suffering.

"It is even sadder when the situation can be avoided in the first place. Always make careful decisions about who you let in your home. Do not open doors for predators to step in. Remember with vigilance comes common sense, one even most learned often lack, "Gouden warned. 

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