Naledi Zondo has been missing from her Pietermaritzburg home since Monday afternoon.

DURBAN - THE missing Pietermaritzburg 12-year-old Naledi Zondo has been found.

Provincial police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said the 12-year-old was reunited with her family on Friday afternoon.

Zondo had been missing from Monday, where she was last seen leaving her Prestbury home. She had been wearing blue jeans, a pink t-shirt and takkies at the time.

Gwala said the 12-year-old was found in Durban and police had little information to disclose either than to reveal she was found alive.

On Monday afternoon, police made a gruesome discovery of a decomposed body believed to be that of Miguel Louw, 9, who went missing on July 17.

The body was found in a vacant land in Longbury, Phoenix.

Police have not confirmed the identity of the victim.

Meanwhile, police on urged the public to stop sharing unverified video clips on social media platforms. Some of the messages in question feined abductions and kidnappings, creating panic. 

"The SAPS has noted with great concern the recent spike in video clips on various social media platforms which in recent times have depicted cases of child kidnappings and abduction. The police have, since these postings started going viral, been trying to confirm if those depictions did or did not occur in any part of South Africa. 

"To this day, there is no evidence that suggests firstly, that these incidents happened in South Africa and secondly, that these incidents are actually legitimate. By now, besides reporting this to the police, one would have expected at least a family would have come forward to publicly confirm at least one of those videos to be legitimate. Secondly the police will never know that these incidents really happened if they are not officially reported. Therefore the only reasonable conclusion we can draw from this is that these videos are hoaxes," said police spokesperson Vishnu Naidoo.