Hariram Badul

The fraud and corruption trial of a former Mountain Rise police station boss and his co-accused has been adjourned to June 3.

The trial, which began in July and continued for two months, was adjourned for further State evidence.

Commissioner Hariram Badul, former police captain Suresh Naraindath, Yunus Khan, a former police superintendent, Patrick Nkabini, a constable, and local businessman Sigamoney Pillay face 98 charges ranging from fraud and racketeering to theft and corruption.

These relate to payments made for services and repairs that were not carried out at the Mountain Rise police station.

It is alleged that Badul also requested that requisition forms be filled out for police station supplies, but that instead of receiving the equipment, he received the cash.

Other equipment requisitioned for the police station was allegedly taken by Badul for his personal use.

Badul and his co-accused have pleaded not guilty.

The State alleges a “criminal enterprise” began operating at the Mountain Rise police station in 2007, with Badul alleged to have been the “manager who called the shots”.

The alleged activities continued up to November 2009, when the then-Scorpions began investigating.

All the accused are on bail.