Burger King's shady advert. Picture: Twitter

Durban - Known for their spicy chickens and even spicier shade, Nandos found themselves weighing in on a matter that was, well, not even in their lane to begin with. 

Earlier this week, Twitter blew up when Burger King ZA posted a pic of a couple sharing a meal. In the post, seated behind the couple and all alone in a restaurant booth, was Ronald McDonald longingly looking at the couple. The ad's caption read; "Calling all 3rd wheels. We know you don’t always get the recognition you deserve, but we are rectifying this injustice just in time for #InternationalFriendshipDay (30 July). Tell us why you're a proud 3rd wheel & you could win a BK® voucher. Winners announced 30th July." 

The advert caused quite a stir on social media, garnering thousands of comments and shares. 

Even McDonalds added their view, quoting Queen B, aka Bonang Matheba, "...they have to talk about you. Because when they talk about themselves, nobody listens".

McDonalds' reply got the crowd even more worked up but it was the Nando's quip that sent them over the edge. 

Twitterville even called out KFC to get involved but to no avail. Look, we are not quite sure who won this fight but one thing for sure, it's rough on these Twitter streets. 

Also, we threw this one in because we had NO clue what the Somizi connection was here, fam. But there you go. 

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