Ngizwe Mchunu has made peace with DJ Tira after insulting him

Former Ukhozi FM presenter Ngizwe Mchunu and DJ Tira have made peace. Picture: Supplied

Former Ukhozi FM presenter Ngizwe Mchunu and DJ Tira have made peace. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 27, 2023


Durban – DJ Tira and former Ukhozi FM presenter Ngizwe Mchunu have made peace after they both insulted each other publicly.

This happened at a house-warming party of Mcabangelwa Cele in Shelly Beach, Port Shepstone, recently. At the party, Ngizwe and DJ Tira are seen shaking hands and smiling at one another.

Earlier this year, Mchunu posted a video of himself on social media and said: “DJ Tira, I am highly disappointed in you. You make us drink urine, and you call it a cider. Makoya Bearings, let me tell you this, not everything is about you, and not everything revolves around you.”

Moreover, at that time Tira wrote on his Facebook page that he was thinking of responding to Mchunu but would not waste his time on him. However, when he saw him at a tournament in Shobeni he could not contain himself and called him out. Tira launched his cider, Makoya Bearings, in December 2022 and he expressed how hurt he was by Mchunu’s comments.

Furthermore, in the video Mchunu is seen shaking hands with Tira before he goes on to the stage to perform. While Tira performs, Mchunu is seen dancing to his music. Cele said he invited them both to his house-warming in the belief that they would forgive each other.

“We brought them to older people; there was no way that they would not forgive each other. Elders are respected,” he said.

Moreover, Mchunu, who calls himself the president of the Bhinca nation, confirmed that he has buried the hatchet with Tira.

“That is my brother, we spoke as men and put everything behind us,” said Mchunu.

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