A member of Oscar Pistorius' entourage holds her head while he testifies during at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Thursday, April 10, 2014. Picture: MARCO LONGARI

Here are some of the things that were said in court on Thursday.

“Those arguments were all about you… what’s important to you.” – prosecutor Gerrie Nel

“Your life is just about you, about what's important to Oscar.” – Nel

“I never got the opportunity to tell Reeva that I love her.” – Pistorius.

“Did you feel better after the apology (to her family)?” – Nel.

“I think it was the right thing to do.” – Pistorius.

“You see, Mr Pistorius, if you wanted to do it… why would you create a spectacle in court and not do it in private?” – Nel.

“I don’t think they (the Steenkamps) were ready.” – Pistorius.

“Why weren’t you humble enough to do it in private? You weren’t humble enough.” – Nel.

“That’s not true… my counsel has been in contact with the Steenkamps and they weren’t ready.” – Pistorius.

“There you do it (apologise) with the whole world on you… you see, Mr Pistorius, you couldn’t face them because facing them in private meant that you would have to take responsibility.” – Nel.


“I never picked on her.” – Pistorius on Steenkamp saying in a WhatsApp message that he picked on her incessantly.

“So, Reeva lied?” – Nel.

“It’s all about, ‘I’. It’s all about ‘Mr Pistorius’.” – Nel.

“I didn’t ever tell her (Steenkamp) to stop chewing gum… I said in a nice way, ‘Don’t chew gum, it doesn’t look good on camera’.” – Pistorius.

“I was concerned about how she would look on camera if she was chewing gum.” – Pistorius.

“You see, Mr Pistorius, you’re blaming everybody. You’re not taking responsibility.” – Nel

“Who pulled the trigger?” – Nel, cross-examining Pistorius on the discharge of a firearm at a restaurant in Joburg.

“I’m not sure.” – Pistorius.

“You see, Mr Pistorius, this is amazing. Really, you are amazing.” – Nel.

“The firearm went off whilst in my possession but I can’t say my finger was on the trigger.” – Pistorius.

“Everything is bothering you except the miracle that the gun went off on its own.” – Nel.

“I didn’t pull the trigger. I didn’t have time to think.” – Pistorius.

“The firearm went off.” – Pistorius.

“I’ve already indicated that you are not telling the truth.” – Nel.

“Reeva was never scared of me.” – Pistorius.

“Do you know that your father has refused to make a statement in this case?” – Nel.

“My father and I have not had communication in many years.” – Pistorius.


“Once again, Mr Roux let slip.” – Nel, putting it to Pistorius that he was again blaming his legal team, led by Barry Roux.

“I apologise, M’Lady, for laughing. It won’t happen again.” – Nel, after Pistorius again replied to a question that he could not remember.

“You possibly think this is entertainment, this is not. So please restrain yourselves.” – Judge Thokozile Masipa to the public gallery, where there was giggling when Pistorius, once again, said he could not remember.

“Do I remember firing four shots? No, I don’t.” – Pistorius.

“I remember pulling the trigger and the rounds going into the door.” – Pistorius.

“That’s where the firearm was pointed… that’s where I fired.” – Pistorius.

“So you never wanted to shoot at… intruders coming out of the toilet?” – Nel.


“I didn’t have time to think about if I wanted to.” – Pistorius.

“The attorney can stand up and apologise for himself.” – Judge Thokozile Masipa after a defence team member’s cellphone made a sound.