Former justice minister Jeff Radebe hands over an ANC T-shirt to a young man during his door-to-door election campaign.
Former justice minister Jeff Radebe hands over an ANC T-shirt to a young man during his door-to-door election campaign.

Political campaign moments that will be remembered post the 2021 local government elections

By Gcwalisile Khanyile Time of article published Oct 13, 2021

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DURBAN - THE run-up to the local government elections has the country and social media in a buzz.

Tongues have been wagging and there has been robust engagements in the public sphere as political parties continue to campaign for votes in different ways.

Different political parties battle it out to get voters to choose their respective parties.

A picture of former justice minister Jeff Hadebe was recently shared on Facebook where he was seen smartly dressed next to a mud house, handing an ANC T-shirt to a young boy during his door-to-door campaign.

Barend la Grange posted on Facebook: “After 27 years there are still T-shirts delivered, instead of bricks, clean water, sanitation, power and services. This government does not deserve one single vote on November 1.”

Bev le Roux said: “What an insult to give a T-shirt and know you will never come back after elections, and let people live in abject poverty. You have no integrity.”

Ronald Mkhabela said: “Why enjoy T-shirts and grants instead of a better life? Hope we think and choose better now. There is a lack of education or understanding that these leaders don’t have money, but live on our taxes. Voting them out and giving others a chance to rule will make Africa a better place. But, what can we say?”

Llewellyn Gamka MacMaster said: “How can community organisations stand by local governments to give better service delivery?”

This week also saw the ANC’s masking paintings of the Zulu kings in Durban to make way for its campaign posters. This made some Twitter users angry.

The municipal poster which replaced the mural of the Zulu kings. Picture: Tumi Pakkies African News Agency (ANA)
A mural depicting Zulu Kings in accordance with their succession, from King Shaka Zulu to King Goodwill Zwelithini. | Doctor Ngcobo African News Agency (ANA)

Then there was the IFP’s “illegal” use of King Misuzulu’s image in their political campaign, which prompted him to issue a statement threatening legal action against political parties who used the royal family name in their campaigns.

The IFP had to retract its poster.

On a lighter note, a video shows a woman in EFF regalia who almost says “Viva ANC” in front of EFF supporters who burst out laughing at her mistake. She ends up spitting out the words, “Viva AFF Viva”.

Some social network users likened her to someone trying to move on but were still in love with their ex.

Muzi Mahlambi wrote: “induction is very important”, while Sbo M Mkhize commented that “the induction was very strong from where she comes from (ANC)”.

Dudu Maboea said: “An ANC will always be, even if you try to change, insila is there.”

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