‘Something was over my head’

By Noelene Barbeau Time of article published Mar 8, 2012

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Murder accused Nicolette Lotter was an educated woman who was taught not to accept things at face value.

Yet she believed everything that Mathew Naidoo said.

“At tertiary level you are taught to question everything. How could you accept that (Naidoo) was the son of God?” Durban High Court Judge Shyam Gyanda asked her during the State’s cross-examination on Wednesday.

State advocate Rea Mina also questioned how easily Lotter accepted what her co-accused and boyfriend at the time, Naidoo, said about being a higher power through which God, and sometimes Satan, spoke.

Lotter argued that in hindsight she could see everything clearly, but at that time she “doesn’t know what spell or powers or muti he had used”.

Judge Gyanda said: “Naidoo (when he testified) denied having these powers, but you believe he had these powers. It seems to me that you still believe he has these powers. The last person I knew with these powers that you claim Naidoo had was Nostradamus and that was a very long time ago and I wasn’t able to cross-examine him.”

He also spoke of tricksters who used information that people had dropped and kept it in their memory banks to be used later.

“When Naidoo told you about past incidents no one else knew, this information might have been dropped by your mother or domestic worker. That’s how it happened,” he said.

“It’s possible,” she replied.

Lotter and her brother, Hardus, and Naidoo are on trial for murdering the siblings’ parents, Johan and Riekie Lotter, in their Westville home in July 2008.

The siblings have admitted their guilt, but pin the blame on Naidoo because they believed he was the third son of God and it was God’s will that their parents be killed.

Lotter became flustered when speaking about her blind acceptance of Naidoo’s spirits and demons.

She said her concept of God before meeting Naidoo was that she could not understand why God was punishing her with all her suffering, referring to being possessed by a tokoloshe, and how hurt she felt.

“I thought God was punishing me or that it was a test. When Naidoo came along, I thought he was a prophet and believed he was the son and voice of God,” Lotter testified.

She knew it was God speaking to her through Naidoo because, she said, God identified himself.

“I thought it was strange, but I believed it because God did speak to people in different ways. I thought I was very lucky. He (God) was allowed to use bad language. He said it was because of stress and being mistreated and that it was okay to do so. God got angry when I called him ‘Heavenly Father’. I tried calling Him ‘Dad’. I think he liked that more.”

Mina asked her if she did not think it was strange that God was dyslexic and needed her (financial) support, referring to Naidoo not working and “sponging off” her.

“Just how Jesus went through tribulations, he (Naidoo) did. Jesus had women taking care of his needs. I had to be Naidoo’s wife and support him. I felt indebted to him for helping my brother and I,” Lotter replied.

Asked about her punishment if she disobeyed God, Lotter replied that God threatened to bring back the tokoloshe if she did.

“You’re not stupid. You’re an intelligent girl,” said Mina.

Lotter testified: “I believe (Naidoo) had something on me. When I met him I was not in a stable state. There was something over my head.”

Mina asked her why they tried to cover up their part in the murders if they believed it was the right thing to do. She asked why they bought gloves and cleaned their computer.

Lotter said it was all part of their instructions from God. “Naidoo said be proactive and don’t leave things lying around. He told us to use gloves and wipe the computer. God didn’t want us to get caught. Naidoo said we must be strong and not to crack under the police questioning. Once I realised he was not from God, I told the truth.”

Lotter admitted that she would have shown mercy to her mother had she asked for it.

She also admitted to hearing her mother tell Hardus that she loved him, but said all she heard in her mind was the scripture that if you love your mother and father more than you love God, you will not enter the kingdom of God.

The trial continues.

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