Corruption Watch executive Director David Lewis will be exiting the organisation at the end of the month.
Corruption Watch executive Director David Lewis will be exiting the organisation at the end of the month.

Two Corruption Watch leaders bow out as their decade long term of office comes to an end

By Gcwalisile Khanyile Time of article published Dec 6, 2021

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DURBAN - Corruption Watch’s (CW) executive director David Lewis and chairperson of the board Mavuso Msimang are set to leave the organisation at the end of December, as their term of office comes to an end, after ten years of service.

The organisation announced this on Monday.

Under the outgoing leadership, the organisation has tackled various corruption cases in government, the mining sector, etc.

Lewis, who is also a founding member of CW, was part of a group of concerned citizens who came together to address what was then a growing corruption problem in South Africa.

He mobilised the public to report their experiences of corruption, and hold corrupt leaders to account, and has led the organisation since January 2012.

Describing Lewis, Msimang said: “I have had the pleasure of serving on the Corruption Watch board for the past 10 years, and so, I have been personally acquainted with the monumental role that David has played in making sure that the topic of corruption has remained front and centre.”

Msimang added that it was hard for him to quantify Lewis' achievements in taking on what has to be one of the most important and serious tasks in salvaging the country’s democracy.

"I commend him for his commitment, his scholarship, his zeal, and sheer force of will in never letting up, and I wish him well in this next phase,” Msimang said.

Mavuso Msimang, the chairperson of the board at Corruption Watch will vacate his position at the end of the month after ten years of service.

About Msimang, the organisation said he has represented a strong and commanding presence in the ongoing fight to eradicate corruption in the country and will remain a respected and valuable supporter of CW’s work.

"In his (Msimang) tenure overseeing the work and direction of CW, he has provided insight and authoritative guidance in the challenging task of navigating the organisation through politically charged and turbulent times," the organisation said.

Msimang has occupied positions in the public sector as well as leading international NGOs.

His early years serving on the MK Military High Command and as secretary to ANC president Oliver Tambo earned him a legitimate place as one of the country’s most respected anti-apartheid veterans, instrumental in laying the foundations for a constitutional democracy admired the world over.

Lewis said: “Corruption Watch could not have had a more appropriate chair for the organisation than Mavuso Msimang. He is celebrated for his dignity, his integrity, and his courage. He has been a fantastic guide and role model for all of us at Corruption Watch.”

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