WATCH: Black mamba hides between gate and door after surviving a brick attack

Published Aug 4, 2023


Durban — Snake handler Jason Arnold removed a male black mamba that managed to evade a brick thrown at it from a home in Clare Estate.

Arnold said that on Thursday morning, he went to a property on Cartmel Road where he had caught a number of snakes in and around the property over the years, including black mambas and spitting cobras.

The homeowner called Arnold and told him she had a really large thick black snake that had coiled up by her gate.

When he arrived, Arnold was led to where the snake was.

Upon seeing the snake Arnold confirmed that it was a mamba.

“The snake is more scared, as you can see. I mean I’m right here, within like half a metre and as you can see, all the snake is interested in doing, is trying to secure itself behind that gate because it’s the only thing it’s got to hide behind, to make it feel safe.

“As you can see, they are not these horrible, aggressive, violent snakes that just want to jump out and kill you, they are scared of us and they do try their utmost to keep away from us and get away if you give them the chance,” Arnold explained.

He said he thought it was the same snake he was called out for but every time he got to the property, the snake was gone.

He said that at least now the snake can be relocated elsewhere so it does not visit the family at a later stage.

Then with his tongs, Arnold tried to find the best way to get the snake from between the door and the gate.

He said the snake was becoming scared and that is when it will become defensive because it knows that he is on to it and making contact with it. It is scared and will fear for its life.

After grabbing the snake, he managed to get it out from between the gate and the door.

Arnold said the snake was a male and about 2.5m in length.

Analysing the snake while putting it in the travel bucket, Arnold noticed a bit of dry blood on its underbelly.

He said apparently a lady at the property came out of the garage, saw the snake slither past and threw a large brick at it but luckily she did not hit the snake.

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