WATCH: Durban litter crisis video goes viral

Published Oct 2, 2018


Durban - A surfer who recorded a short video clip of litter and glass bottles strewn along Country Beach opposite the Moses Mabhida Stadium has called for the bylaws to be enforced. 

Gary Nilson recorded the video on Sunday morning and uploaded it on his Facebook page, where he received mixed reviews from the public who shared his sentiments about litter. 

Nilson said he recorded and then posted the video after he reached his limit with the situation going on just north of Durban at one of the favourite spots to have a surf and brekkie, the Bike n Bean.

The video showed broken glass bottles and empty glass bottles strewn in the car park and lawn. It showed litter and charcoal scattered everywhere. The video was viewed over 100 000 times. 

Nilson wrote: "Let's not make this about race or culture, this is about the lack of policing common bylaws in a public space. The situation here is out of hand and this is now happening not just a few times a year but literally every weekend and even during the week on occasion. All I am hoping to do with this video is to bring some pressure on the council of Durban to maybe start policing this area properly."

Dale Johnson, who is part of the volunteer group #CleanBlueLagoon, said he did not know what to say or write about the litter situation in Durban anymore. 

"It is almost like don’t worry it will be cleaned up later attitude. I am actually tired of doing the cleaning up," Johnson said. 

Denise Ann Mc Creadie said people have been injured with all that litter. 

"Lots of punctures and cut feet with all the broken glass. A few months back a kid ran over the grass and did not know there were hot coals from a fire," she said. 

Michelle Zorab said she was there on Heritage weekend and it was not that bad! 

"As everywhere, there are not enough bins. It’s pretty simple, a municipal official should take two weeks to observe the 'hot spots' for gathering, the litter is a clue, and place bins there. One concrete bin cannot serve a 100 people's litter... no maths needed, just common sense," Zorab said. 

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