Disgruntled workers of the Alfred Duma Municipality in Ladysmith embarked on a wildcat strike shutting down several roads on Wednesday. Picture WhatsApp

Durban-  Municipal workers blockaded roads in the Ladysmith CBD and allegedly attacked a municipal official after embarking on a wildcat strike on Wednesday. 

Alfred Duma municipality ward 12 councillor  Sharon Buys said the residents and businesses were caught unawares. Workers had blocked off the intersection of Alexander and Lyell Street. Buys said one of the municipal managers were assaulted. 

"The N11 heading into the CBD has been closed. Police are redirecting traffic. Staff from the Alfred Duma municipality have parked lorries and tip trucks across the road. There has been no official notification as to what their grievances are," she said. 

Buys said by afternoon there had been no reports of any damages to property. 

"I had driven through the CBD. Traffic is building up in certain parts. We have been advised on our local WhatsApp groups to stay away from the CBD. Once we get more details we would know how to deal with the matter. For now, the officials are remaining mum on the matter," she said. 

The Ladysmith Gazette reported that a  municipal official had been badly assaulted during the protest. This after municipal workers gathered in various main streets in the CBD area, singing and dancing and demanding that their grievances be heard. 

The Ladysmith Gazette stated that workers have closed off Murchison Street, Lyell Street and Crawshaw Road.  Many shops in Murchison Street have closed their doors, as it is not safe for them to have their shops open. 

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