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Spicy spices up the Emmy Awards

The choice of Colbert to host this year's Emmycast instantly sparked speculation: how far would he lead this annual ceremony of accolades into Trump mockery?

18 September 2017 | Daily News

Swooping Magpies strike fear into pedestrians

Magpies have large, pointed beaks, and use them to attack unwitting pedestrians, and their animals - with many people already reporting injuries because of the ferocious nature with which these bombarding birds behave

6 September 2017 | Daily News

Does talcum powder cause ovarian cancer?

The jury award is the biggest yet against Johnson & Johnson, which has lost most of a half-dozen trials involving claims that its baby and Shower to Shower powder cause ovarian cancer.

6 September 2017 | Daily News

Fugitive 'cocaine king' arrested

Rocco Morabito was considered the most wanted fugitive member of the Calabrian 'Ndràngheta, Italy’s most powerful organised crime group and one of Europe’s biggest importers of South American cocaine

5 September 2017 | Daily News