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Meet the Kung Fu nuns

Complete with its picture-perfect temples precariously perched atop rocky mountain outcrops, giant shrines and mantra-engraved walls, Ladakh’s age-old Tibetan Buddhist way of life appears untouched by modernity

28 August 2017 | Daily News

#Barcelona - What we know so far

A van mowed down pedestrians on one of Barcelona's busiest streets, killing thirteen people, in what police said was "obviously a terrorist attack."

18 August 2017 | World

Sikhs search for a home

Today Sikhs are battling with the Pakistan government for ownership of dozens of Sikh temples that they call gurdwaras; while it is slow going they have managed to reclaim some of the buildings

14 August 2017 | World

LA opens door for Paris Olympics

The agreement is set to be finalised this month, and LA’s 2028 bid also requires final approval from the city council and the United States Olympic Committee

1 August 2017 | Daily News