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Monday, December 4, 2023

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Youth crime prevention desk launched in eThekwini

The newly elected eThekwini District Youth Crime Prevention Desk is committed to ensuring the safety of the city’s citizens. Picture: Supplied

The newly elected eThekwini District Youth Crime Prevention Desk is committed to ensuring the safety of the city’s citizens. Picture: Supplied

Published May 18, 2023


Durban — The newly elected eThekwini District Youth Crime Prevention Desk has vowed to work towards the safety of the city’s citizens.

Speaking to the Daily News, the desk’s chairperson, Yunus Syed, said the youth crime prevention desk plays a vital role within the eThekwini district community policing forum as it serves as a platform for the voices of our young people to be heard, their concerns addressed, and their aspirations nurtured. He said the launch was held at the weekend and was attended by provincial police brass.

He said as chairperson of the youth crime prevention desk, his primary focus will be to foster meaningful engagement and collaboration between the youth and the broader community. He added that one of their key objectives will be to enhance communication channels between the youth and law enforcement agencies.

“By building bridges of understanding and trust, we can foster positive relationships and ensure that the concerns of young people are heard and acted upon. Additionally, we will strive to create opportunities for dialogue, education, and training that empower our youth to become responsible citizens and advocates for positive change. Our youth are not just the future of our community, but an integral part of its present. They possess unique insights, creativity, and energy that can propel us forward toward a safer and more harmonious society,” said Syed.

He said the strength of the desk was its demographic and geographic representation.

He said another crucial aspect of the desk’s work will involve addressing the specific challenges faced by the youth, such as substance abuse and social inequality. He further stated that the desk will collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including schools, community organisations and local authorities, to develop targeted initiatives and programmes that provide support, guidance and mentorship to young community members.

In line with the district community policing forum’s broader objectives, Syed said they will seek to promote community-based crime prevention strategies by fostering a sense of ownership and shared responsibility, which will create a safer environment for everyone.

He also encouraged community members, including the youth, to actively participate in neighbourhood watch programmes, awareness campaigns and other community-driven initiatives.

“Lastly, I encourage every member of our community to embrace the principles of unity, respect, and inclusivity. Together, we can create a society that values diversity, understands the importance of dialogue, and actively works toward common goals of a safer country. By empowering our youth and providing them with the necessary tools, support, and opportunities, we are investing in a brighter future for our district,” said Syed.

In terms of the crime statistics which are released quarterly by Police Minister Bheki Cele, eThekwini always comes on top, with uMlazi and Inanda being the crime capitals.

During her State of the Province Address, Premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube said her government would pay special attention to fighting crime in conjunction with community policing forums, which the government intended to incentivise.

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