Durban - The policeman who investigated the murder of Shanaaz Sewnarain facilitated the purchase of a motorcycle between his colleague and Sewnarain’s husband, murder accused Rajiv Sewnarain.

The Durban High Court heard this on Tuesday during investigating officer Viresh Panday’s testimony for the State in the murder trial.

Sewnarain, for the second time, is on trial for killing his wife during an alleged botched hijacking in December 2010.

He had initially pleaded guilty and was convicted, but later appealed against the decision and won, resulting in the new trial which began last month.

On Tuesday, Panday said that during his investigation, a colleague had asked him to facilitate the sale of Sewnarain’s motorcycle. He said this was before Sewnarain was arrested.

“The bike was sold for R40 000 and came with two bike helmets,” said Panday.

He added that the sale was only concluded after Sewnarain had been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Panday also detailed what had happened when Sewnarain pleaded guilty to Shanaaz’s murder in December 2010.

“He was very willing to plead guilty,” Panday said.

He said Sewnarain was co-operative from the time of his arrest and that both his and his wife’s families were shocked at the developments.

“They saw her as a good sister-in-law who was a loyal and good person,” Panday said.

Sewnarain was not initially a suspect, but Panday said his suspicions were raised by the force used to kill Shanaaz, which he said was excessive and “overkill”.

Panday is expected to be cross-examined on Wednesday.

Daily News