A letter writer asks how can such a few white South Africans make the ills of apartheid right Picture: Hannah McKay/Reuters
President Cyril Ramaphosa says whites must acknowledge the harm apartheid caused and own up. They should take responsibility and contribute towards building a new nation from the ashes of apartheid.

How should this acknowledgement be done?

Is there a form we can fill in, or acknowledge on our tax forms, perhaps individually put ads in the paper, or use billboards?

How shall we do this, Mr President? Your words are noble, but the implementation is impossible.

Furthermore, we must contribute to the building of a new nation. How?

Of the 4.3 million whites, some 2.2 million are involved in the economy; the rest, believe it or not, are babies, scholars, university students, housewives, pensioners, people who can’t get jobs and people in institutions.

And of those working, some are clerks, drivers, plumbers, technicians, sales people and supervisors - not all are millionaire business people.

What is it that you want this handful of whites to do?

Business people employ thousands of workers who pay tax and secondary tax, and big businesses pay billions in corporate tax to the fiscus.

We understand what you are saying, but don’t understand how to put it in motion.

Daily News