Sandra Moonsamy was abducted more than a week ago. Police are still trying to piece together the circumstances of her abduction.
OPINION - The community of Chatsworth and surrounding areas are in shock over the kidnapping of Sandra Moonsamy.

The Naicker family are legends in the trucking industry. Their hard work, determination and dedication have seen them run one of the most successful logistics companies in the country.

Hopefully this type of kidnapping will not become a norm, as some criminals will think this is a lucrative way of making easy money.

It is even more concerning that some people have been sharing false information on social media, and this is adding to the trauma the family have to endure.

Now that the Hawks have taken over the investigation, I am certain she will be found safely.

This is also a clear warning to all hard-working and successful businessmen to be aware of their surroundings and maintain constant contact with close family members and their whereabouts, more so at night.

Even our children,will become soft targets, sadly perceived to be wealthy.

We as a community have to put serious effort into ensuring our safety. To the Naicker family our prayers are with you during this traumatic time.


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