LETTER: Fireworks outcry shows intolerance to Diwali

By Jayraj Bachu Time of article published Feb 18, 2020

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OPINION - The Hindu Unity Movement carried out a survey on the use of fireworks during New Year and Diwali. The study determined that a far greater volume was used during New Year celebrations than Diwali.

The survey also found that hundreds of pets were terrified and injured as a result of the use of fireworks during the New Year celebrations.

A significant number of pets were also found abandoned when people were welcoming in the New Year with fireworks, while only a handful of pets were injured or abandoned during the Diwali celebrations.

Our survey has conclusively found that the outcry against the use of fireworks during Diwali borders on intolerance towards Hindus.

It was also found that the outrage against the use of fireworks emanates largely from residents in areas that were exclusively reserved for whites during the apartheid era. With the advent of democracy, a large number of Hindus have now settled into former white areas. After 25 years of democracy, it seems that some sections of our population have still not accepted the fact that we now live in a multiracial, multireligious and multicultural society.

The Hindu Unity Movement calls for greater understanding and appreciation of the religious and cultural practices of the different groups in our society.

Jayraj Bachu National Leader, Hindu Unity Movement

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