OPINION - As a voter, I am sadly very frustrated because my history is with the ANC, for obvious reasons.

The smaller parties are not worth voting for.

The EFF are corruptible, bourgeois anarchists who speak in triple tongues.

The DA is just as hypocritical, pretending to be clean-cut and yet clearly not free from scandal and financial abuse, and trying to manipulate circumstances for financial gain as well.

Further, the DA’s de facto support of apartheid Israel is unacceptable.

Notwithstanding what has happened, the ANC has still not reached a point of showing remorse, nor the will and ability to clean up that which is necessary to put my confidence back in them.

One still sees excuses from the leadership and the spinning of political rhetoric shows the ANC has not reformed.

I don’t know if there is any party worthy of the vote and, listening to table talk, many South Africans feel the same way.

This is a vote for the lesser evil instead of for the greater good.

Nasiff Kader