FILE PHOTO: President Cyril Ramaphosa gestures at the Union building in Pretoria, South Africa
OPINION - With the elections behind us and a new leaner and meaner Cabinet appointed, South Africans can look forward to President Cyril Ramaphosa's New Dawn.

Ramaphosa now has the Herculean task of getting down to business and making South Africa thrive over the next five years.

He has already distinguished himself as an economic president, promising not only prosperity, but also ethical leadership.

His promise of boosting the economy comes from his business background and the respect he enjoys in this community.

In a country faced with high unemployment, Ramaphosa's biography promises to deliver what the country desperately needs.

Now that he has the reins of power, Ramaphosa can pursue his objectives.

These are to clean up corruption and revive the economy.

As citizens we must also work with our president in his quest to clean out the rot in our government.

We need to assist him in the fight against corruption in all spheres of government and society.

The road ahead is very long and we need to travel with Ramaphosa and his executive.

We hope, therefore, that all those chosen will serve the people of this country and do so excellently.

The expectations of South Africans have never been greater.

Terry Lloyd Durban North

Daily News