Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng/ African News Agency (ANA)
OPINION - In the Daily News of April 9, I read about a tax fraudster being sentenced to five years for defrauding Sars of about R5 million. Indeed, as the learned magistrate said, the crimes this fraudster committed had serious consequences for South Africa’s economy. The fraudster gets five years’ jail. That’s justice - I agree.

But what about those who have been exposed of tender fraud and corruption who are strutting around like untouchables? I’m not persuaded that the missing billions will be recovered. It is not going to happen. We read how small fish gets netted, but the big ones I’m lost for words.

I remember one saying of the Prophet Muhammad that society will suffer great destruction when people in high office steal but are exempted from punishment, while if a lowly person stole, the punishment is executed “most severely”.

This is the price we paid during the last two elections when, like Pilate, we washed our hands of the daily grime which emboldened those predators still strutting around like untouchables. Lady Justice is not blind; she’s diagnosed as suffering from macular degeneration (a condition which results in blurred vision).

Remember this when you ponder how you can change all that on May 8.

Saber Ahmed Jazbhay Durban

Daily News