Many women should be wished a Happy Father's Day the writer argues.
OPINION - I listened to Father’s Day messages on the radio. There were the usual messages of love and gratitude, but one caught my attention.

There was this brilliant message from a listener wishing all mothers a happy Father’s Day. At first I thought he was drunk and just trying to be funny. But he went on to explain what he meant by this contradictory message, and then I realised he had hit the nail on the head. Never a truer word was spoken.

He never knew his father and was brought up completely by his hard-working mother.

His mother was everything to him. How could he wish his father a happy Father’s Day when he had not seen him, touched him or heard him?

His father had abandoned him and his mother and gone for good.

It’s a sad story, the plight of many mothers and children in our country.

While there are many good, responsible and caring fathers, there are also many irresponsible ones who go around scattering their seed and leave it to the mothers to tend to and nurture their offspring. Single mothers, you are fantastic. You deserve all the applause.

Daily News