Open gateway to deeper states of awareness

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology adviser. Picture: Supplied

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology adviser. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 18, 2024



It is clear that having a profound yet elevated awareness is contagious which could essentially be trademarked as “protagious”.

Our brain is often described as a lively electrical hub that rules our emotions, thoughts and all aspects of ourselves. In this overstressed world, it is common to seek a state of awareness that can inspire, offer insight and even transform those around us.

This article focuses on how elevating alpha brainwaves can permanently level up our brains, opening up a gateway to deeper states of awareness.

What are brainwaves? Our brain cells, which are called neurons, communicate with one another using electricity. The activity of neurons sending an electrical signal to another group of neurons is called brainwaves.

An electroencephalogram, aka EEG, tool can be used to create pictures that resemble wave patterns and detect changes in brainwave patterns.

Our reactions to different emotions can be controlled by learning how to control the speed of alpha brainwaves. Alpha brainwaves (located in the middle of our brains) are one of five types of electrical waves that the human brain produces and that range from slow to fast.

Alpha brainwaves are believed to be the healthiest and safest and can restore the brain to act young again.

How can we produce alpha waves? When the brain is alert, but relaxed, alpha waves are usually the dominant state that influences how we think and feel.

Biofeedback and breathing exercises are ways to elevate the production of alpha waves naturally. The concept of neurofeedback sessions is similar to taking your brain to the gym for a workout. The exercise involves consciously altering the way the brain works to assist in visualising and changing electrical activity patterns in real time.

If you have practised yoga, meditation or mindfulness, you may have experienced alpha brainwaves. By calming our emotions, we can maintain a calm emotional state that is conducive to productivity, creativity and effortless focus. Cal Newport, the author of “Deep Work: Rules for focused success in a distracted world”, explains that “most people have lost the ability to go deep – spending their days instead in a frantic blur of email and social media, not even realising there is a better way”.

The gateway to a flow state of concentration, also called “being in the zone”, can be entered by harnessing our alpha brainwaves by performing “deep work” with less effort concentrated on one task. Life events will seem to pass quickly and challenges are easily overcome.

By not thinking too quickly to stress ourselves out and not thinking too slowly to be tired, we are in a balanced mindset.

The benefits of alpha brainwaves are that the alpha state permits us to quickly memorise, process and learn large amounts of information with efficiency.

The state allows access to your intuitive wisdom and inner knowing. As your brainwaves slow down, deeper levels of awareness are accessible. It offers valuable insights and guidance on the steps you must take to achieve personal success.

Although alpha brainwaves can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, delusion and depression; they pose challenges for sleep disorders when off-balanced, leaving people exhausted the following day.

Drinking sufficient amounts of water elevates our ability to think 14% faster and maintain focus for extended periods. By consuming caffeine with tact, we can create a valuable stream of alpha waves in our brains.

To prevent distractions from disrupting your flow state, practise controlling the thoughts that enter your mind. This focus can be sharpened by using alpha waves.

Create a ritual that instils willpower and activates the brain to reach elevated concentration levels. However, it is necessary to work during your biological peak time as exhaustion or low energy can weaken concentration levels.

Combine gratitude with forgiveness, knowing that the past is a perception and the future is a fantasy but the present is the only reality.

The awareness may assist in processing the trauma and letting it go while permanently elevating alpha waves. Without question, the subconscious mind is a reservoir of untapped potential.

Transforming ourselves becomes a possibility when we commit to employing techniques like creative visualisation and positive affirmations or taking steps to monitor our thoughts.

Along with willpower, we can overcome any mental barriers that disrupt our progress. With significant health implications, meditation has been proved to naturally elevate many beneficial brain chemicals while lowering harmful ones.

Amplifying our immune systems through alpha brainwaves links to healthy recovery from illnesses and offers protection against stress-related conditions.

In the affirmative, elevated alpha brainwaves are a permanent level-up for our brains that encourages unimaginable growth and performance to overcome limitations, demolish preconceptions and enter a dynasty of personal success.

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology adviser.

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