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Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Steps to help you dispel suicidal thoughts

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a Psychology Advisor.

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a Psychology Advisor.

Published Feb 18, 2023



Suicidal thoughts can darken our spirit, with demeaned thoughts leading to misjudgement. Challenges in the face of adversity are a daily occurrence.

These contemporary trials serve to inculcate meaningful lessons for development through practical thinking. We ought to give ourselves a life filled with wonder. Take the time to sit back to feel the experience, an entire day of questioning and marvel at the magic of ‘life’.

This kind of clarity leaves you breathless with the unexpectedness of it all. The duty lies in every individual to give themselves the gift of time. Pure uninterrupted time to be inspired, to travel in your mind in a way that completely eluded you to find your flow. This time taken enables the individual to reassess their life, a little like checking in with yourself. Your real self. Not the disguise, certainly not this individual who demonstrates to the world that all is well.

It is crucial to connect to your inner wisdom and surrender to what it’s been trying to say to you. ‘I need help’. Let’s be open-minded in the acceptance that something that does not seem right is the first step in a positive direction. With that in mind, for each issue faced – a realistic solution exists.

Upon arriving at a state of realisation, the individual will discover that support is readily available. Challenges of life have become easily manageable. It is common knowledge that most individuals with reserved personalities may choose to conceal their innermost deepest thoughts.

These individuals fear embarrassment, disappointing their loved ones by not living up to expected standards and being harshly judged by family and societal norms. However, confiding through a series of networks available or seeking help anonymously is the safe way to transform your life around.

Be elated by simple things often taken for granted. Individuals can connect to the earth by spending time with nature. It could be one of the most rejuvenating and peaceful experiences to be in this world. If you listen with enough attention, the land has many secrets about life expectancy, healthiness and contentment that it can bestow upon us. We literally would not be in existence without this amazing planet.

Our dependence on this land signifies that we are interconnected and one with this land. We depend on simple things like oxygen for breathing, water for drinking and food for eating.

Upon closer examination, these simple things can be grounding. Ocean views are mesmerising to watch, which allow the individual to feel tranquil, serene and composed. Earth is recognised to be the ideal spot for stargazing and watching The Milky Way.

Still, it has been echoed numerous times, ‘Love yourself’. It is even heard and referenced in a number of publications. Self-love is repeatedly outlined as the connection with ourselves that incorporates compassion, curiosity, patience, and, most importantly, respect.

Individuals should take accountability for errors, learn and grow in the best shape of themselves. Issues are conquered with hard work, diligence and unwavering belief in yourself that you can attain realistic goals set for yourself. Loving oneself permits individuals to travel graciously through past traumatic events directly linked to negative past experiences. Now, individuals no longer hold themselves to unreasonable norms and instead seek to nourish and enrich their lives.

Failing to value close relationships often leads to the downfall of many individuals. Individuals who contemplate suicide should be mindful of the terrible repercussions and scars left on their families. Yet, it is stressed that unconditional love and support created with close relations should be valued.

After all, this is the source of our strength. Suicide leaves a family navigating through life’s journey with psychological distress. Life is not easy; it is tough for all. Coping mechanisms are accessible, and individuals should embrace this concept. A strong will, will always help overcome all obstacles on an individual path. Currently, individuals are confronted with issues beyond their control.

These issues include poverty, children’s poor access to healthcare, education and safety, climate change, wars and military conflicts and global health issues. These individuals choose gratitude for what life has to offer. If only individuals valued their life by making wise choices and taking accountability for their own life.

However, the determinant factor lies in motivating oneself out of suicidal thoughts is both a choice and skill. The individual can manage their own well-being, independent of others, which is where true power lies. A negative situation cannot be changed with bad feelings. However, if you choose to be positive – the strength of your magnetic field constructs a shield that no negatives can penetrate.

Choosing to perceive life using a different lens is key to overcoming issues when you feel the world is against you. Life is indeed unique and profoundly magical. Suicidal thoughts can be nothing but a distant memory.

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology advisor.

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