Picture: African News Agency (ANA)
OPINION - Hatred is an evil emotion and is responsible for much of the violence around the globe. It often consumes the very person harbouring it. But I cannot help it - I hate the Guptas.

They have done so much harm to the country. Racist Julius Malema thinks we are all like the avaricious Guptas.

Our forefathers were brought, like cattle, across the Indian Ocean in creaky sailing vessel, to work on the sugar plantations, the mines and the railroads.

Undeterred by all the hardship, they broke their backs in their struggle to uplift themselves from serfdom. Future generations inherited those good qualities and we are now the envy of the country.

Smelling easy pickings here under the crooked Zuma administration, the three Gupta brothers and their families flew over to South Africa, in their luxury jets to set up several businesses here. Rotten to the core, they made a fortune robbing and plundering the country’s wealth and resources, and have now flown away as easily as they came, before they could be brought to justice.

But they cannot get far. They are Hindus and believe in karma. They will not find inner peace and contentment. All that stolen money will hang like an albatross around their necks. Sooner or later they will be choked by avarice.

Daily News