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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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The power of positive affirmations to attain career success

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a Psychology Advisor.

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a Psychology Advisor.

Published Feb 25, 2023



Positive affirmations to attain career success are positive short quotes that should be executed as a day-to-day activity by students.

Sample affirmations may include “I am enough”, “I am confident to achieve my career goals” and “I am motivated to attain career success”.

Quotations from students should be read and pronounced out loud. Repetition is key. Students are more likely to believe the positive quotations if they are repeated frequently.

The affirmations aim to direct the student’s career ambition that integrates desired career goals, dreams or experiences. Naturally, they set the tone for the student’s daily life that permits the student to pursue a positive direction.

Quotations aid to break negative thinking and, in turn, motivate a student’s self-confidence. Students navigate through potential learning strategies to identify an appropriate career path. This path is intended to find their true purpose. Every student is born with a set of traits and capabilities which should be embedded in their career choice. Eventually, everyday positive affirmation diminishes negative thinking which helps combat negative student thinking, with sound alternatives.

Studies indicate that positive affirmations to attain career success activates a part of the brain that is associated with a self-reliant process, restoring self-competence. Positive affirmations inflame neuronal pathways, known to enable alterations in those areas of the brain that empower students’ happiness and positivity.

Affirmations may increase the amount of well-being hormones in our brains. Further, the development of a concise vision plan requires additional research for various career options. It is necessary to prepare financially and psychologically for career learning through a college or university. Global statistics reveal an increased number of students opt for higher studies at universities.

It is of the highest importance to reflect on a timely career path because it anticipates continuous career decisions throughout the life of a student. Positive thinking results in positive feelings. The feelings are known to alter our physiology and progress our mental, emotional and physical health.

Moreover, using affirmations defeat negative thinking processes. This leads to a positive alteration in the lives of students. In addition, positive affirmations contribute to the recovery of almost any condition, including stress and depression. Nevertheless, thee reassuring claims help to endow individuals to a brighter and healthier tomorrow. This results in cultivating a healthy student mindset.

A new body of research states self-affirmation can be an effective approach to managing stress. Thereby aid in reducing the deterrent stress which may supposedly be present in the health of a student. Also, positive affirmations help to cope with the emotions of panic, stress, self-doubt which often goes along with higher studies.

Students should formulate a list of priorities that would logically work to transform them into a reality in one’s life. By engaging in day-to-day positive affirmations, it serves as a motivating factor for the student to act accordingly. Now, students are prone to be increasingly focus-oriented. Negative thought patterns are converted gradually into positive thought patterns, accessing a new belief system.

Inevitably, students begin to experience positive emotions about themselves. This in turn directly enthuses self-esteem. Affirming the thinking process of one’s self holds value to help bolster the overall sense of self and self-worth. Research dictates if a student has a stronger perception of them self, threatening situations may not impact the student as negatively. It is essential for students to engage in a career-related qualification linked to a future career with educational opportunities.

Consequently, implications may give rise to feelings of demotivation or loss of income which may incur in terms of selecting the incorrect career choice. An exploratory study has confirmed that positive affirmations can assist students to maintain their self-esteem in the context of endless possibilities.

It is vital for students to revise their attitude and develop a sense of self-confidence that their purpose will be conquered successfully. Besides, the application of positive thinking techniques helps us learn from our failures and allows us to fixate on the positives of reality. A career choice is more suitable for the student after writing down their identity about themselves and questioning, ‘Who am I?’. On the establishment of finding out one’s own identity, students can follow various career opportunities.

At the onset, it is mandatory for students to research and meet standard requirements of various institutions before pursuing a career choice. Subsequently, it can be deduced that positive affirmation to attain career success help students feel stimulated by keeping their minds invigorated.

Remember, the more positive thoughts you have, the stronger those thoughts become. Existing studies show that meditation practices can lead to a better life, try it – it could just lead you to the next standard of a way of life.

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a Psychology Advisor.

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