Tips on how to deal with suicidal thoughts

People who are thinking about suicide feel alone and isolated, and often feel like no one understands how they feel. File photo

People who are thinking about suicide feel alone and isolated, and often feel like no one understands how they feel. File photo

Published Mar 11, 2023



I have been in the psychological field for a while now. I have studied, read and researched numerous articles on assisting diverse individuals with suicidal thoughts. Along the way I remembered, during my younger days I had devoted much time to reading Scriptures.

I stumbled across an interesting saying that stated, “Life does not give you a challenge that you cannot handle”. But, if you reflect back on your childhood, your teenage years and early adulthood, you would realise that every challenge faced has taught us meaningful life lessons.

Yet, in the course of this learning process, we have endured much hardship and struggles, confronting our battles head-on. Can we agree that we have within us the tools to face and overcome the challenges life has to offer?

You should feel proud to have successfully completed the chapters you have made it through. When you feel as if you have had enough of life, always remember the reason why you held on for so long. Unknowingly, we evolved and became stronger. So, these valuable lessons have shaped us into the individuals we are today.

If you look within yourself, you will find, there lies your bravery, strong will, courage, and confidence necessary to overcome any obstacle. You are not alone in your struggle.

Numerous individuals have experienced this weight and made it through. It is normal to be afraid of what lies ahead. Open up and let your family, a trusted confidant or someone you trust, know how you feel. You will start to feel lighter, with a calm feeling of relief.

Keep in mind – every individual experiences life changes such as the recent loss of a loved one or a failed relationship. Individuals who tend to be career-oriented may face major disappointments like career setbacks.

Circumstances continually change with respect to separation, retirement, suffering from a mental disorder, or going through a traumatic experience. That is the harsh reality of life.

I am honoured to connect with readers who are thinking about suicide. I am sad you are hurting this way. Why choose to think suicidal thoughts? Seeking help is not a sign of weakness nor a stigma but a sign of strength and courage. Often when life does not work out as planned, you need to find that courage and strength from within by taking a leap of faith.

I trust you will communicate your suicidal thoughts to me. If I may step into your personal space and share your story, together we can work to find an appropriate solution.

I can sense the magnitude of devastation and pain you are experiencing. Although, I understand it may feel uncomfortable to express your personal thoughts about suicide. I am not here to judge, criticise or dishonour you.

You know, sometimes you have an inner voice that speaks to you. Most individuals call it their instinct. Trust and listen attentively to what that inner voice says to you.

This is how you are in a position to ensure that you are on the right track. This track is sure to bring you to your true destination, finding your true purpose in this life which is the reason for your existence.

Suicide sounds like the easiest way out of this world, but it should not be that way. We know that there is hope and change is possible. If you hold onto the same thinking around suicide, nothing will change. Your life will remain as it is.

Rather, choose to use a different approach and look at a realistic solution to resolve your struggles – choose to see the positive only, only you can turn your thinking around, after all only you can control your thoughts. Let’s move forward for a beautiful tomorrow in spite of fear.

No matter what happens, or how bad it sounds today, life continues and it will be better tomorrow. Do not let go of those close to you, and never give up on your story. Your story matters – and it is incomplete.

Your struggle deserves to be defended! Do you not feel that you owe it to yourself, for there is so much left to be written in your story? I can assure you that when you come out of the struggle – you will not be the same person who battled the struggle. Now, you have a second chance to create a magical life for yourself, a new identity.

Are you now feeling tempted to give up on suicidal thoughts? If you are – your breakthrough is just around the corner. I hope you take a positive approach, not for anyone else but for yourself.

We are more powerful than we think! One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide.

Anolene Thangavelu Pillay is a psychology advisor.

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