MEC Faith Mazibuko. Picture: Bongiwe Mchunu
OPINION - AN OPEN letter to Faith Mazibuko:

Ordinarily I would exalt great respect when addressing a government official.

However, after listening to a clip in which you deliver a pathetic, puerile and distinctly dictatorial rant at subordinates, I have no respect for you.

You exhibited a gross lack of intellect, an abhorrent racist attitude, a hubris worthy of extreme censure and impudicity beyond the decorum expected of an MEC.

You are a disgrace to all decent citizens of this country.

The apology you were compelled to offer once your bosses realised your utter stupidity and the damage you had done is unacceptable, because the apology is shallow.

I feel embarrassed to know that we have the calibre of people like you heading taxpayer-funded government departments.

Your disdainful behaviour probably reflects your capabilities - or gross lack thereof - and one cannot but help wonder what your subordinates endure with you being an MEC with such a despicable attitude.

I don’t care if you are black, a woman or a member of the ruling party.

The moment you engage on racial terms, I will stand up to you and the moment you show utter disrespect to fellow citizens, I will stand up to you.

Your arrogance speaks to your character; you spoke as if you were a law unto yourself.

You are not the law and neither is the party you belong to.

A simple and polite request is for you to quietly pack your bags, clear your desk and stealthily leave your office, because you are nothing but a disgraceful exposition of the kind of people we do not want in office.

This advice is free in the interests of clearing South Africa of the muck we are being plagued with.

Narendh Ganesh Durban North

Daily News