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What Macron heralds for Africa

With Africa’s trade balance growing eastwards and inwards, how would a former banker restore France’s relations with Africa at a time when a viral grassroots campaign for the abolition of the CFA (French African Colony) money is raging in fourteen countries?

26 May 2017 | Views & Analysis

Time to reflect on democracy

The ANC was acutely aware of the pain imposed on the oppressed majority for centuries, through illegitimate, unjust and arbitrary minority colonial and apartheid domination.

16 April 2017 | Sunday Tribune

Christians in the ANC must speak up

Ordinary citizens outside and inside the ANC must demand an answer: What is the role and responsibility of this spiritual army of Christ in a corrupt, morally bankrupt and decadent society?

16 April 2017 | Sunday Tribune

Abrahams could have intervened

<!--PSTYLE=hed_OPED 60pt-->One way or another it's going to be difficult for the national director of public prosecutions to recover

3 November 2016 | Opinion