Cash- in - transit vehicle came under fire on R33 near Greytown. Robbers used explosive to escape with undisclosed amount of cash. Picture: ER 24

Durban - Three cash-in-transit security guards who came under fire while travelling on the R33 outside Greytown, KwaZulu Natal, escaped with minor injuries. 

National police spokesman, Vish Naidoo, said at around 3:30pm on Wednesday the cash-in-transit vehicle was travelling from Msinga to Greytown after collecting cash from the Msinga Mall. 

"While at KwaKopi between Msinga and Greytown their vehicle was attacked by unknown number of occupants travelling in 2 vehicles. 

"They shot at the security vehicle causing the driver to lose control. Three guards were injured. The suspects used explosives to open up the vehicle and fled with undisclosed amount of cash. 

Picture: ER 24

According to ER24 spokesman Werner Vermaak who attended the scene the security guards were found with minor injuries. 

"It is believed they sustained their injuries when the vehicle overturned. One of the security guards explained that they managed to get out of the vehicle shortly after it came to a standstill."

Vermaak said they were not injured by the explosives and were transported to a hospital in Pietermaritzburg for further care.