A video of a schoolboy assaulting another pupil went viral on Thursday.
DURBAN - School management was to blame for the recurrence of pupil-on-pupil assault, the KwaZulu-Natal Parents’ Association (KZNPA) said on Thursday.

The organisation said this after a video of a schoolboy assaulting a girl pupil went viral on Thursday. The incident appears to have happened on school premises, and both pupils were in full school uniform.

In the video, the girl is kicked and she falls down. There were more kicks to her back, and the back of her head. When she tried to get on her feet, she wobbled and stood against the wall.

As she left the area of the assault, there appeared to be blood where she had fallen. The attacker could be heard saying unamasimba (loosely translated: “You are full of s**t”).

Another boy arrived, but did nothing to stop the assault. He could be heard saying “Waxoshwa umshana eskoleni” (loosely translated: “You will be expelled from school,” a remark likely directed at the perpetrator).

Vee Gani, KZNPA chairperson, said bullying at schools would not be dealt with because schools were not enforcing disciplinary measures against problem pupils. “When children get assaulted, parents become reluctant to involve the police, and that’s why we have a continuation of these assaults in our schools.

“School management is failing these children in that there are no strict actions taken against the perpetrators. When you have troublesome children in your school, there must be a tribunal every Saturday where parents will bring their children along.

“It must be made clear that expulsion is the penalty for offences like assault,” Gani said.

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education spokesman Kwazi Mthethwa said a collective responsibility was needed to deal with bullying in schools.

Dr Rishigan Viranna, DA spokesman for Education, said: “We are appalled that such an act of brutality was ever allowed to take place.”

He called on the relevant authorities to expedite their investigation and ensure that similar acts did not happen again.

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