Durban - The winner of the R145 million Powerball still reported for work on Monday, even after realising he had become a multi-millionaire overnight. 

The Mpumalanga engineer, 34, realised his big win  on Saturday afternoon. 

“It was at about 2pm on Saturday (4 August 2018) when my life-changing moment happened I went  onto the National Lottery website and matched my ticket against the draw results. I was in shock when I  realised that I had won,” he said.

He said with the winning ticket  stashed in his sock for safekeeping, he still reported for work on Monday. 

“Although it still felt like a dream, I comprehended that I had won and I didn’t want to part with my  ticket,” he said.

Accompanied by his wife in matching outfits, the young couple went to the Ithuba offices in Sandton  on Tuesday. 

He told Ithuba that he had always dreamt of starting his own business and this money would make his dreams come true.  Describing himself as a careful spender, he expressed appreciation for the financial advice service that  Ithuba provides their winners. 

Asked if he used any special method to choose his numbers, the winner said: “I had a good feeling about  these numbers since last week, I played the numbers for Tuesday’s PowerBall, but didn’t win. I played  the same numbers again on Friday and I won the PowerBall.”

The winner spent R20 on his winning ticket.  The ticket was bought at a Total  Garage in Evander, Mpumalanga.