EFF treasurer-general Leigh-Ann Mathys, chairperson advocate Dali Mpofu, deputy president Floyd Shivambu and president Julius Malema briefing the media yesterday.
Durban - EFF leader Julius Malema says the ANC has no choice but to vote in favour of his party’s motion of no-confidence against President Jacob Zuma, which has already been tabled in Parliament.

The ANC could be in a difficult situation should it decide to table its own motion of no-confidence against Zuma in light of the already existing EFF motion, which the opposition parties want to be considered this week.

Speaking during a media briefing with other opposition parties, Malema said no motion of the ANC would be considered before that of the Red Berets.

“No ANC is to get any motion from the EFF.

“It is our motion and the motions of no-confidence are governed by the rules,” he said.

“They either work with the motion of the EFF or they wait another year,” Malema said.

“If they wait for another year, it means they must come to the defence of Zuma in the motion of the EFF. They are in a difficult situation,” he said.

On Monday, Malema gave Speaker Baleka Mbete until 10am on Tuesday to respond to their letter requesting that their motion, initially scheduled for February 22, be moved forward to this week.

He said if they did not get a response, they would lodge an urgent application in the Western Cape High Court “because we are in a crisis as it is as a country”. The opposition parties decided that the motion was urgent and that a parliamentary sitting should be called urgently.

Parliament spokesman Moloto Mothapo said Mbete’s deputy, Lechesa Tsenoli, had written to Malema on behalf of the National Assembly Speaker.

“In the letter to Mr Malema and the attorneys of the EFF, Ms Mbete said she was currently consulting on the request to reschedule the motion and would revert after this,” said Mothapo.


“The rules of the National Assembly entailed consultation with relevant structures, including the chief whip of the majority party and the leader of government business.” Malema, however, hastened to say his party did not care what the ANC’s “national executive committee (NEC) of drunkards of power” discussed last night.

“Whether they meet, we don’t mind.

“The motion of no-confidence is on the table. Baleka must do the right thing,” Malema said.

During the media briefing, Malema threw the support of his party behind the calls for the dissolution of Parliament after Zuma is removed from office.

This was despite the EFF last year holding a different view from the DA when the latter made the call after the last motion of no-confidence failed.

Malema said his EFF never opposed the dissolution of Parliament and that the DA made the call without proper consultation.

“That’s what we have done. We have spoken to each other and found each other,” he said.

The EFF leader also said their stance had always been that “dissolution will be the last resort”.

Maimane said that after Zuma’s removal, Section 50 of the constitution, which called for the dissolution of Parliament, should be invoked.

“Ultimately, anybody who wants to lead the ANC or wants to lead Parliament or the people of South Africa must have the mandate from the people of South Africa, and therefore naturally we move to an early election so that we contest and be given a fresh mandate to a sixth Parliament,” Maimane said.

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