Durban - Durban Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Mzwandile Hlongwa, delivered a knockout blow to his opponent at the weekend, that got him and his epic performing trending. 

The blow, dubbed the 'knockout of the year' at EFC 75 got Hlongwa, also known as Shakebone, trending on social media with the video of the fight shared several hundred times on Facebook and Twitter.

News.com reported that after a quick one-two combination, Hlongwa unleashed a lightning-quick spinning elbow on Madsen during the EFC 75 encounter in Cape Town, South Africa. That technique completely fooled Madsen — who subsequently dropped his hands in anticipation of clinch work — and landed flush across the Norwegian’s chin.

The MMA star took multiple blows to the head before eventually dropping to the canvas, as the 1.8m, 84kg Hlongwa celebrated a sensational win.

Madsen was taken to hospital shortly after the 'hellbow' but was discharged after undergoing a check up.

Hlongwa was part of Season 1 of reality show, The Fighter. His record now stands at 3-1-1.

Mzwandile is currently trending worldwide with the video garnering a cool four million views and counting.

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