Durban - A MAN accused of raping 19 women has told the Durban High Court that all his victims were prostitutes who worked for him.

Amos Ganyeni Ngobeni, 26, who faces 47 counts including kidnapping, housebreaking and rape for incidents between 2011 and 2017, said he was a pimp to more than 35 women at Mahatma Gandhi Peace Park in Phoenix and at Ottawa near Verulam.

The women struggled financially and whenever they could not pay him his daily fee of R100, they paid by voluntarily having sex with him.

His victims are aged between 7 and 45.

Ngobeni testified he had done nothing wrong, as he provided a security service to the women.

He said the women charged clients R50 for sex and he charged each woman R100 a day.

Ngobeni claimed that most of the women were mothers with families to feed and could often not pay his fee because of other financial commitments.

“I am not a rapist. I slept with them because they wanted to pay me with sex for my services,” he said.

Ngobeni was arrested at his home in Inanda earlier this year in the presence of his wife and children.

He had been linked to 19 cases of rape through DNA evidence. He denied raping the minor victims, claiming he had never seen the girls before.

One, a 7-year-old, testified that she was walking in the Waterloo area when Ngobeni pushed her into bushes and raped her on December 8, 2011.

On October 11, 2012, in the Emachobeni area in Inanda, Ngobeni allegedly forced a 15-year-old girl at knife point to accompany him to a bushy area where he raped her.

An 8-year-old victim said Ngobeni raped her on October 23, 2015.

Some adult victims were allegedly approached by Ngobeni while looking for work, while others said they were accosted while walking on the road, kidnapped, robbed of their cash, cellphones and bank cards and then raped.

One had testified that she was walking along Ottawa Road on April 6, 2011 while searching for employment when she met Ngobeni, who offered her employment.

She said while walking, Ngobeni produced a knife and forced her into a nearby field, where he forced her to undress and raped her.

Another testified that she was asleep in her room on March 28, 2012 when Ngobeni gained entry, ordered her to remain silent and raped her.

Ngobeni also allegedly entered a house in Inanda where he robbed a couple of their money and cellphones, and forced them to have sex while he watched. When the boyfriend was unable to perform, Ngobeni allegedly raped the woman in the man’s presence.

Ngobeni’s evidence that he slept with the women in the areas where they operated as prostitutes contradicted the victims’ evidence that they were raped at their homes and while walking on the road.

Senior State advocate Noxolo Dube asked Ngobeni how he kept records of who had not paid him, if he had so many women in his employment.

“I knew exactly who owed me and exactly how much,” he said.

The trial continues.

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