Durban motorists traveling to Johannesburg and around KwaZulu-Natal are already paying more at toll plaza's. Picture: Independent Media

Durban - KwaZulu-Natal residents and people who travel to Johannesburg will be expected to pay more for using South African roads.

It has been four days since the toll tariff adjustment on national roads and some people are unaware that they will be paying more.

A trip from Durban to Johannesburg could cost at least R240 in toll fees for Class 1 vehicles.

Toll fees for motorists travelling between Durban and Johannesburg. GRAPHIC: Thobeka Ngema

In a statement released on behalf of the South African National Roads Agency (Sanral), Dr Blade Nzimande, Minister of Transport, approved the adjustment of toll tariffs on national roads for the 2018/19 tax year.

Sanral said the adjustment is in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which came into effect on April 12.

“Adjustments to the tariffs are in accordance with the CPI over the preceding twelve months and includes the increase in VAT from 14% to 15% recently announced in the 2018/19 Budget,” the statement said.

It also said the new adjustments:

  • N3 toll road between Johannesburg and Durban
  • N4 between the Mozambican border and the Botswana border
  • Toll road sections of the N1, N2, N17 and R30
  • The toll tariffs will also be applicable to the GFIP toll roads

Toll fees for motorists travelling within KwaZulu-Natal. GRAPHIC: Thobeka Ngema

“The monthly e-toll cap for compliant users of Class A2 (light) vehicles is adjusted from R250 per month to R266 per month. Discounts for frequent users as well as qualifying local users will remain applicable,” it said.

The statement said the one percentage point VAT increase is added to the toll tariff and contributed to the upward adjustment.

“Toll monies are used prudently, only to maintain and improve toll roads. Toll roads are built at no cost to the fiscus – the concept of toll roads is to apply a user charge only to those who benefit from the use of the road,” it said.

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