Chasing Her Dreams

Published May 30, 2017


Fox Life, DStv channel, 126, launches the second season of Lira: Dreamchaser, Born Free, tomorrow (May 31).

The show is a journey where viewers follow in the footsteps of the South African songstress as she develops her latest album, “Born Free”.

We get an insight into the production, song writing process and the touring that comes with being one of Africa’s biggest stars.

Lira opens her heart out to us, and unpacks each song of the album. From her inspirations, to the very moment a song is born.

All raw and uncut, this is a rare glimpse into the daily life of a musicians and how tremendously stressful it can be to launch a new album.

"Defining freedom for myself was the reason behind pursuing this body of work. I am beyond excited to share this story with viewers - the joys, the challenges, the effort and experiences and ultimately chasing the dream," said Lira.

Each week viewers can watch two episodes play out back to back, with the exception of the grand finale, which will play out on its own.

* The premier and second episode will air on Fox Life, May 31 at 8pm.

A Sneak Peak

Episode 1 - Introduction

The introduction of Lira Dreamchaser 2 - Born Free unravels the thoughts, ideas, collaborations, songwriting, production, promotion, design, travels and all processes and experiences during and around the creation of Lira's 6th Studio Album - Born Free

Episode 2 - Freedom

Each episode of Lira Dreamchaser 2 - is themed with a song title off Lira's 6th studio album - Born Free. Discover the inner workings of Lira and her team as they create this body of work and what "Freedom" means to Lira. Highlights - Lira finds her Freedom in writing, fashion sense, photo shoots and a live performance of this song!

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